Thursday, May 5, 2011

mmm the smell of fresh books

This was a book I illustrated this year with Usborne , I am very happy with how it turned out. It also stirs up some grumpy emotions as well; due to a scheduling error at my old job I ended up having to do two story boards simultaneously while doing this (sigh) , but that's done now thank goodness!

For those of you in the Toronto area my friend and colleague Sam Bradley, with a group of super talented artists, have put together yet another amazing collection of stories in the Anthology Project available at TCAF. I'm totally getting my copy signed....AGAIN!
that's it for now






Draw Monkey said...

I agree, it smells delicious.

Sooooo... are you the fox?

( did I just ruint the ending? )

Lori Degman said...

Congrats Colin - can't wait to see it!!

Kevin Mcleod said...

Congrads Collin, I hope it's a big success!

Unoo said...

Wonderful! I badly want a book-!

RAWLS said...

That looks great man!
See you at TCAF!!

Joseph said...

Looking forward to getting this bad ass foxy book!!!

Heidi Smith said...

Cute, I like the fox!

Tooninator said...

awesome, Dude! Congrats

vadim said...

Congratulations Colin! were we can one?

vadim said...

i mean, where we can get one? :)

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