Sunday, October 14, 2012


Yes I've been away from the blog for a awhile its' been a crazy busy summer so here's some stuff from the desktop hope you enjoy

a take I was asked to do on a Very Famous Inspector , they decided to go in another direction but still very fun to do

design for a commercial  awhile back 

Designs a thumbnails for a pet project of mine hopefully one day I'll get it off the ground :S


this little guy is from an app by the good people at Ink Robin. I just started doing the final art for this project and it's going to be terrific! Watch out for this company they're doing something pretty special 

TOAD ON TOAST is getting some good reviews which you can read about here 

Just Finished the Finals For Book 1 of Galaxy Zack this is going to be fun one! Read about it here :

HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA crosses 100 M!, one day I'll have to post one of the small sequences I did
. Congrats to Genndy and the story team !
and lastly myself, my wife and the kids are moving just south of the bay area ! I've been lucky enough to received an opportunity to join the talented team at PDI Dreamworks. Goodbye Toronto I'll miss the city but not the weather :)