Sunday, August 22, 2010

intial drawings (repost )

Hey folks I posted these drawing earlier today, but while fiddling with my blog settings It managed to delete the post along with all the lovely comments,
so lets try this again.... on the plus side the original post didn't have foxes :

I wanted to post before I head to Vancouver for two weeks for a little R&R
here's some initial drawings for a kids book I'm starting to work on, this isn't stuff I'd show the client the drawings are waaay too rough , and as somebody pointed out earlier Yes! the turtles are definitely inspired at least in pallet by Martin Wittig's turtle line up ,and in approach/design the turtle from Cats Don't Dance (love that movie) they'll need some tweaking, but I still enjoy the drawings and I hope you do too,


Simon Scales said...

Hey Colin, these are really nice, dig the loose lines mate!!

Gabby Zapata said...

it's okay it got deleted lol, your work is great anyway!

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About Me said...

Wonderful design! They both have great appeal and clear personality - two great characters. Looks like fun! =)

Abz said...

Great little characters!

kaylea said...

Genius! I love the turtle's shell

kelipipo said...

(Agh, deleted... I'll repost:)
Lovely turtles, especially "c" - I dig the similarity of the head shape and the shell shape in that one, sort of like a camel's humps.
The foxes are so characteristic too!

Have fun in Vancouver, lots of artsy stuff going on here :D
(Check if you're in time for SPARK Animation - there's some great screenings)

Dave said...

Hey Man! Love your blog! Lots of beautiful work :)

Leo said...

Both of these character designs are awesome! I love the expressions and I really like the rough line work. I think the designs for the fox are my favourite of the two.

Enjoy your R&R break!

Marco Bucci said...

yO!! friggin sweet character.

Tanoshiboy said...

Love those fox's.

J. F. Souza said...

That old turtle is so funny. I liked the colors and shapes of the characters as well. Really well done!

Chris Thompson said...

great designs as per usual sir. I really enjoy the turtle on the far right, knowing that little body has to support such a massive head. Poor fella.

Dalibor Dejanovic said...

Niceeeee turtles!

Anonymous said...

These are rough?? Man.. I'd LOVE to see an animated short done in this line :)

Nice work as usual Colin. Have fun on the west coast.


Nikolas Ilic said...

Loving the turtle designs! Even that loose they look awesome!!

Wayne B. Medina said...

love the bandit designs man

ridd said...

Nice stuff!

michael robertson said...

great characters!

Sabrina Alberghetti said...

sooooo cute!!

Matt J said...

Charming designs Colin- the fox is top!

abhishek singh said...

love their expressions:)

tunamunaluna said...

These are so very cool! I'm featuring you on :)

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