Sunday, June 7, 2009

mmmm slurpees

a drawing from the desktop before i disappear into the deadline ville, my least favourite of the "villes" my favorite being "start date ville" or "contract extension ville"

I've finished working on a short at Elliot animation (but I'll be back) it turned out pretty well if I do say so myself, next few weeks will be a whole lot of finishing up of contracts ,and looking and bidding for new ones
that's it for now



Draw Monkey said...

Wow, who ever thought Black Beard had a soft side. That's awesome looking.

Dave said you called a while back. Just so you know, we have a spare bedroom at the house if you need to come into town every now and then ( if you end up working with us that is... or if you're just in town for whatever ).

Cheerios ( Honey Nut that is, not the gross, plain kind ).

damon said...

to cool

Mike Jones said...

Pirates are no match for brain-freeze!
Awesome picture!

Gilberto Valadares said...

two words..
WOW!!! AWESOME!!! :)))

buddy bradley said...

Shit...I love your characters and your style and your humour.

RAWLS said...

ARR! Brain freeze!

Myke Bakich said...



Sterling work man...


Jason Curtis said...

Love the look on the kids face.

As usual, another fun piece Colin.

Skid said...

yum, even pirates like slurpees.

R.Dress said...

AAARRRHHH me slupy tastes funny! Love the beard on this guy.

Michael Dougherty said...

You are a master of contrast -- the scale difference of both characters, Black Beard's hulking torso against his diminutive arms and legs, the parrot's big beak against his stubby body. Contrast is what makes drawings fun and inspiring to look at. Your stuff is definitely super-awesome!

Timothy Jack said...

An interesting concept. I'm intrigued. Great work!

B! said...

hooray for pirates! YARGH!

Mike said...

Beauty Colin!

Tel Coelho said...


lorelay bove said...

really cool!

Marco Bucci said...

I'm currently in "retake-ville" and trust me, it BLOWS.

Anthony Holden said...

Ahh. The great equalizer. No man is above a slurpee.

Dan said...

Dude, love your style. Keep up the awesome work.

Tony Cliff said...

Bwaahh ha ha ha ha. Nice one.

Philip Pignotti said...

Love your work man!!!

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