Monday, April 6, 2009

paper hat brigade

taking a break from the monsters!
I thought I'd change it up before a posting the last bit of monster drawings,

this drawing has been sitting on my desktop for a bit, I'm proud of the fact that there's no cell phones, digital cameras, mp3 players, and severely lacking in hip,edgy, cyber "awesome-ness" (anybody who's worked in development will know what I'm taking about),
bye for now


lorelay bove said...

that is sure something to be proud of!
Is adorable! cute storytelling!

RAWLS said...

Nice work my friend! I love their hats!! Great textures and characters!

Wayne B. Medina said...

i love this one! makes me wanna relive my child hood days and use my imagination.

Marco Bucci said...

awesome dude. And yes, I'm of the opinion that pushing all the tech stuff on kids probably kills the spirit of imagination. You captured the sense of childhood adventure here. Sorry, phone's ringing...let me get this.

buddy bradley said...

I love your characters and your imagination.

Tel Coelho said...

Relly AMAZING!!!!!!!

Honkbarn said...

Thanks for dropping by Colin. Your work is amazing!

Owen Flanagan said...

Absolutely amazing designs Colin, I love how much life you get into your characters.

pascal said...

ahahahha the image is great, and reading your post made me laugh inside....!
VERY nice one !

Myke Bakich said...

Sweet! Fantastic Design's Colin.

Brooke Bowland said...

you are amazingly talented colin! love your work.

Eduardo Medeiros said...

Hi Colin!

Thanks a lot for your coment in my blog!
Jesus, you have a amazing style!




Jason Curtis said...

Colin, I absolutely LOVE this piece. Your storytelling ability is off the charts. Your images consume me, and although this is not animation, it's easy for me to imagine the movement and sound of these wonderful characters, in these richly detailed scenes.

adam de Vries said...

nice work.....
very cool,
love seeing the rough drawings.
it keeps it alive.
keep it up,

Tooninator said...

these are so clever. Love it, dude.

Ty Carter said...

KILLER design.

Jeremy said...

Lots of fun with cute characters and I too enjoy the distinct lack of 'edge' in your picture.

Alina Chau said...

This is too cute!! Love it!

tinylittlesandra said...

So much fun! this is fantasic...

Dam Ferreira said...

very beautiful


Mukpuddy said...

Nice work dude!!

kelly said...

radio flyer ftw!
Awesome stuff dood!

tunaf1sh said...

so cute! i wanna join them :D

R.Dress said...

very funny!

jacks said...

Thanks everyone!

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